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Advisory Committee on Accessibility Annual Awards Program

The Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA) celebrates and recognizes Calgarians who are improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities through the ACA Annual Awards program.

The ACA sponsors these awards to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility and universal design. The accomplishments of these individuals, groups and organizations are cause for celebration.

ACA Annual Awards

Nomination and selection process | The Advocacy Award | The Access Recognition Award | The Ella Anderson Accessible Transportation Award

We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 ACA Awards. Please submit your nominations by Friday, December 1, 2017. See the 2016 award winners.

Nomination and selection process

Nomination process:

  • Submit a letter-size document with photos, floor or product plans and perspectives to support the nomination. Include all contact information. Submissions will not be returned.
  • You may complete the relevant sections of the nomination form or use a blank page, listing all of the required information to support the nomination. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  • Nominees must consent to a site visit or interview and use of photographs for media and/or public relations.

Selection process:


Please forward nominations via email or mail to:

The Advisory Committee on Accessibility
c/o Leanne Squair
The City of Calgary, Calgary Neighbourhoods, #116
P.O. Box 2100, Stn. M,
Calgary, AB., T2P 2M5

Phone: 403-268-1352, TTY 403-268-1379


The Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award recognizes an individual or group of people who have improved the quality of life for persons with disabilities.


  1. Describe how a Calgarian or group within Calgary has improved services for persons with disabilities and how these services have improved quality of life.
  2. Describe the personal contributions the nominee has made to evoke positive change through social action.
  3. Demonstrate how the nominee has worked with others to evoke change.

The Access Recognition Award

The Access Recognition Award acknowledges how an individual or group – through the use of universal design principles – has improved access for persons with disabilities in Calgary. This award covers improved access to the physical environment, technology or products.


  • Agencies or organizations (individuals or groups).
  • Public or private initiatives
  • Projects located and/or created in Calgary
  • Newly constructed or renovated projects
  • Projects must be completed


  1. Demonstrate how the initiative accommodates the needs of persons with vision, mobility, hearing or cognitive disabilities, paying close attention to function and improved accessibility
  2. Demonstrate how the project exceeds Alberta Building Code (3.8) standards for accessibility, when applicable
  3. Demonstrate how accessibility and universal design features are integrated with overall project design
  4. Demonstrate how the initiative achieved an inclusive experience for users
  5. Demonstrate how the project improved users’ quality of life

The Ella Anderson Accessible Transportation Award

The Accessible Transportation Award celebrates an individual or group that emphasizes making public transportation more inclusive in our community. This award was created in memory of Ella Anderson, who served on the Advisory Committee on Accessibility with grace, style and commitment to people with disabilities. Ella’s positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond helped to shape a more inclusive, customer-focused public transportation service.


  • Organizations or agencies, public or private (individuals or groups).
  • Projects that directly affect improve transportation in our city to be more inclusive to all people in our community.
  • Programs or projects that positively impact transportation for all Calgarians


  1. Demonstrate how this individual or group has gone above and beyond to complete a project.
  2. Describe how a positive attitude and strong sense of team work helped drive this project to completion.