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Snow Angels

Adopt a sidewalk: Help your neighbours shovel snow!

The 2014/2015 campaign will run December 4, 2014 through April 17, 2015.

For some, the first snow fall of the year is a welcome event. For others, snow brings worries of slipping and falling.

In January 2015, Calgary schools and students are invited to participate in Snow Angels. Find out how here.

Keeping sidewalks shovelled, ice-free and safe can be very challenging – even dangerous – for older adults and others who have limited mobility. Snow Angels is a campaign that encourages Calgarians to be good neighbours and help neighbours in need with snow removal. Check these Snow Angels Facts for more information.

Be a Snow Angel

What does it take to be a Snow Angel? All you have to do is adopt a sidewalk this winter and keep it clear. Watch for people in your neighbourhood who could use help removing snow from their sidewalks and driveways and ask if you can lend them a hand.

If you and your neighbours or other members of your community would like to develop a more organized snow clearing program, call 311. Community & Neighbourhood Services can assist.

Nominate your Snow Angel

Do you have a Snow Angel? Do you know someone who is a Snow Angel? We're asking for people who've had their sidewalk 'adopted' to officially recognise their snow angel. Call 311, contact Snow Angels online (takes you to a 311 Online Service request form), or mail a letter telling us your story to nominate your Snow Angel.

If you choose to complete a service request form through Snow Angels online, please include your home address on the first information box that appears. Then if you know the name, address and phone number of your Snow Angel, include them on subsequent information boxes. If you don’t know your Snow Angel’s name and/or address, we’ll send you a recognition package addressed to “Snow Angel” within 30 days for you to give them.

The City of Calgary, Community & Neighbourhood Services
Seniors Services - #184
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 2M5
Attn: Snow Angels

Learn more about the Snow Angel Campaign here.

Snow Angels Winner
Darryl Cromier, Snow Angel of the Year

Our 2013/2014 Snow Angels winner is Darryl Cromier!

Snow Angels wrapped up its tenth year on April 18 receiving over 1200 nominations of Snow Angels, whose names were entered into a draw for a $500 WestJet gift voucher. Since 2004, over 7600 Snow Angels have been recognized as part of the campaign.

This year’s winner is Darryl Cormier of Hidden Valley. Several years ago, while driving to work through Arbour Lake he stopped to help the Daly’s push their car out of their driveway. He has been their Snow Angel since that day.

Snow Angels is proud to have CTV Calgary and the Calgary Sun as partners in this important Community Development Initiative.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​