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Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative

Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative


The 10-year Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative began in 2010. This citizen-centric, resident-led approach to strengthening neighbourhoods encourages residents to take the "I love my neighbourhood" pledge and actively seek ways to work with The City to make the kind of neighbourhood everyone wants to move to.

The City's community social workers and community recreation coordinators work with residents to help them network, organize, advocate and mobilize for sustainable, social change at the neighbourhood-level.

The 10-year goals are based, in part, on research summarized here and include increased community capacity and increased social and individual capital; and a decrease, or at least no increase in poverty.

Eight neighbourhoods were chosen for this initiative:

  1. Acadia
  2. Bridgeland/Riverside
  3. Highland Park
  4. Martindale
  5. Penbrooke Meadows
  6. Rosscarrock
  7. Sunalta
  8. Vista Heights

United Way Partnership

United Way and The City of Calgary - Building Strong Neighbourhoods Together.

United Way and The City of Calgary are working together to support neighbourhood change. The partnership brings together United Way's Neighbourhood Strategy team and The City's Community & Neighbourhood Services. It aims to improve the lives of Calgarians by working with residents, community organizations, local businesses and governments to make neighbourhoods stronger, more vital places to live.

United Way and The City of Calgary believe:

  • When neighbourhoods thrive, individuals and families who live in them also thrive.
  • By working in neighbourhoods, we contribute to addressing urgent social issues in Calgary.
  • Social change happens in neighbourhoods through the leadership and participation of local residents and with support from governments, local businesses and other groups.
  • Lasting change in neighbourhoods require the development of local solutions that are built around the strengths of the community

This partnership demonstrates that together we go farther.