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Public Safety Task Force

The Public Safety Task Force works to ensure Calgary bars, nightclubs and special events comply with Fire Codes, Building Codes, City Bylaws, Gaming and Liquor laws and other regulations to keep citizens safe. The Task Force is led by the Calgary Fire Department and includes the Calgary Police Service, Planning, Development and Assessment, and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

Ensuring public safety at bars, nightclubs and special events

The Public Safety Task Force:

  • Ensures bar and nightclub owners and operators and event planners and suppliers are aware of codes, policies, regulations, laws and bylaws, that are required for public safety at their establishments and events.
  • Regularly visit Calgary bars, nightclubs and events to check compliance with the appropriate regulations.
    • Every year the Task Force visits more than 250 businesses and events, with the highest number of visits occurring before and during Stampede, during holidays, large special events and during hockey play-offs.
  • Is involved with event planning approvals, including conducting preliminary/pre-event-inspections of buildings and sites.

Non-compliance with the Alberta Fire Code and other requirements can result in fines up to $15,000 or six months in jail. Additional fines of up to $1,000 per day can be levied and approval of business license can be revoked if necessary.

Know your exits

This annual campaign encourages all bar, nightclub and special-event goers to always look for all exits when they arrive at a business or event site. Once you and your friends have spotted the exits, the Task Force recommends visually checking that the exits are accessible. In the case of an emergency, including a fire, this will ensure that everyone will be familiar with where exits are located and can get out quickly and safely.