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Know Your Exits

Every year, the Public Safety Task Force encourages all bar, nightclub and special-event goers to play a part in their personal safety. So relax and have a good time when you are out at Calgary’s establishments and special events, but always look for the exits when you arrive. Once you have spotted the exits, visually check they are accessible; they are not blocked, there is a clear path to them, they are well marked and well lit.

In the case of an emergency, including a fire, this will ensure that everyone will be familiar with where exits are located and can get out quickly and safely.

The Know Your Exits campaign recommends that when you are at a bar, nightclub or special event, you should check:

  • The building or event site appears to be in a safe condition
  • The main entrance appears to allow for easy evacuation
  • You can see at least two clearly marked and well lit exits that are not blocked
  • The building or event site is not overcrowded
  • If there are candles, pyrotechnics, or other heat sources that make you feel unsafe

If any aspect of the building or event site makes you feel unsafe, share your concerns and questions with the staff, owners or organizers. If you concerns are not addressed, then leave the building or site.

If the fire alarm sounds, leave the building through the nearest exit. Try to remain calm and do not panic. Once you are out, stay out and move away from the building for your safety and so that emergency responders can access the building easily.

Call 311 to report concerns regarding fire and life-safety issues at public buildings or events or call 911 to report an emergency.