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Firefighter Pre-Screening Process

Our Firefighter Pre-Screening Process is designed to be a fair and thorough competition. It results in the most suitable applicants being presented with conditional job offers. Learn more about the process below.

This process is a guideline and is subject to change. If you have questions about this process, please read our pre-screening process FAQ.

Were you unable to attend our information sessions in person? Watch our video information session.

What can I expect when I apply?

After you apply for the pre-screening process, you will receive instructions at the start of each step and then the results of that step by email. If you are unsuccessful at any step, you will be advised of your eligibility to re-apply.

Expect to travel to Calgary multiple times for testing.

The fees collected during the process are non-refundable as our testing is run on a cost-recovery basis. The fees are listed in the steps below. All fees are subject to change. If you need assistance there may be options within our resources.


CFD Recruitment Pre-Screening Process

To be successful in the pre-screening process and in a career as a firefighter, you must be able to maintain the values, morals and behaviours outlined in our qualifications.

Useful resources in Calgary and Alberta

We have put together a list of resources that may help you with our pre-screening process.

Video information session