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Firefighter Selection Process

Our Firefighter Selection Process is designed to be a fair and thorough competition. It results in the most suitable applicants being chosen to become firefighters. Learn more about the process below.

What can I expect when I apply?

When you apply to be a Firefighter, you will receive email instructions at the start of each step and the results of that step after it has been completed. If you are unsuccessful at any step, you will be advised of your eligibility to re-apply.

Expect to travel to Calgary multiple times for testing.

The fees collected at certain steps of the process are non-refundable as our testing is run on a cost-recovery basis. The fees are listed in the steps below. All fees are subject to change.

Step one: Online Application & Pre-Screen

The first step to applying is to fill in the online application. Application deadlines and the ‘Apply Now’ button will be posted on the Firefighter Recruitment page so check it regularly for updates. If we receive your application before the deadline, you will be emailed the pre-screening questionnaire.

Step two: Fire Service Aptitude Test

Once your application is approved, you will be asked to write an aptitude test. The test has a fee of $75 + GST. Make sure to review the study guide before taking the test.

Step three: Documentation Review

When you reach this step, you will need to upload any documents that prove you have the qualifications listed in your application as well as your completed personal history statement. If you don’t meet the minimum qualifications before you apply, your application will be rejected.

Step four: Panel Interview

After we have checked that you have the required qualifications, you will need to attend a panel interview. We use behavioural based questions in our interviews and you will be expected to give your answers in the STAR format.

Step five: Personal History Statement Review

A Recruitment Team member will meet with you to review your Personal History Statement. Meeting with us gives you a chance to review the document and ask questions about the polygraph exam.

Step six: Pre-Employment Polygraph Exam

You will need to complete a polygraph exam to confirm the information you provided in your personal history statement. This exam has a fee of $450 + GST.

Step seven: Candidate Physical Ability Test

Completing a physical ability test is a requirement of your application. You will have the chance to attend an orientation and timed trial prior to your scheduled test time. If you take this test in Calgary, there is a fee of $200 + GST.

Step eight: Selection Committee

If you complete the application process to this point, your file will be sent to a Selection Committee. They will review your file to determine if you are suitable for hire.

Step nine: Eligibility List

If you are suitable for hire, your name will be placed on the eligibility list until you are presented with a conditional job offer.

Step ten: Conditional Job Offer (CJO)

If you receive a conditional job offer, you are required to meet the conditions listed in it before you can start recruit training.

To be successful in the selection process and in a career as a firefighter, you must be able to maintain the values, morals and behaviours outlined in our qualifications.

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