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What to do with discarded needles


Safe needle disposal



True, Discarded needle safety and clean up


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What to do with discarded needles


Discarded needles are a bio hazard and can cause injury to people who find them. The needle safety program began in response to concerns about these dangers.​

We are collaborating with organizations such as Alpha House, Calgary Drop-in & Rehab Centre, and The Alex to effectively respond to community safety concerns.​​

Needles found on private property

Needle debris that is found on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner or business owner. Private property includes:

  • residences
  • back yards
  • apartment buildings
  • parking lots

The Calgary Fire Department will pick up needles found on public property, and private property where there is a public safety concern, such as school yards and playgrounds.

To dispose of needles on your own, they should be placed in a puncture proof container and taken to a hazardous waste disposal site. You can also contact a hazardous waste disposal company to assist with removing debris from your property.

The Alpha House can also be contacted for needle pickup on private property as they have recently expanded their needle pickup program in partnership with Alberta Health Services and The City of Calgary. The Alpha House can be contacted by phone at 403-769-5334, from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Concerns can also be emailed to

Needles found on public property​

If needles are found on public property contact 9-1-1. Emergency services will determine the best option for needle disposal. Public property includes:

  • parks
  • green spaces
  • sidewalks

Safe street bo​xes

Safe streets boxes are placed in various locations throughout Calgary for citizens to dispose of used needles.