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Colonel Walker House and the Brinks property restoration

Located on the ground of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, the Colonel Walker House and the Brinks property are two historic sites in Calgary that are currently being restored.

Colonel  Walker house

Colonel Walker House

The Colonel James Walker House was built in 1910 and was named Inglewood, which became the name of the surrounding community as well. The site plays an important role in both the cultural and environmental history of Calgary, so as part of the ENMAX Parks Program, consultants were hired to develop a strategy for the conservation and re-use of both the building and landscape surrounding it.

Colonel Walker house

Colonel James Walker was a distinguished North West Mounted Police officer, rancher, lumberman and school board chairman who was named Calgary's "citizen of the century". In 1929, Colonel Walker's son Shelby was granted the request he made to the Federal government to have 59 acres (almost 24 hectares) on the west side of the Bow River designated as a Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Only the "islands and ponds" changed hands from Mrs. Walker's (the colonel's widow) estate to Selby under the title, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.

Brinks property 2002
Brinks Property 2004

The Brinks Property

The ENMAX Parks Program is helping restore the Brinks Property, the former site of a florist business and greenhouse that operated for many years along the ponds that are located east of the Nature Centre within the Sanctuary. The Brinks property was purchased in 2001 and is being restored to a more natural state to play a more active and productive role in the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.