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Pathway improvements

In order to improve our pathway network, The City is currently addressing the issue of missing links and upgrades to our pathway system. The following pedestrian and bike paths are in various stages of planning and construction (all projects are subject to change and all dates are weather dependant):

2015 construction projects:

  • 85 St. N.W. - upcoming -  installation of new asphalt pathway along 85 St. N.W. north of 112 Ave. to provide pedestrian access to/from Calgary Remand Center, West View Secondary, and the Calgary Young Offenders Center.
  • Abbeydale - 16 Av. & 68 St. N.E.– in progress -lifecycle on Regional paths.
  • Albert Park: - in progress
    • lifecycle replacement of pathways in the park adjacent to the Community Centre at 26 St. & 12 Ave. S.E.
    • lifecycle replacement of pathway from the north end of 26 St. S.E. and Franklin LRT Station.
  • Cedarbrae Dr S.W. - completed - lifecycle conversion of soft surface trail to local path.
  • Charleswood Drive N.W. completed - conversion of rubber test pathway to asphalt pavement.
  • Chinatown – Sien Lok Park completed -lifecycle from interlocking brick to asphalt on local paths.
  • Coral Springs – 68th St. N.E.– in progress - lifecycle on Regional paths.
  • Country Hills Village N.E. – In Progress
  • Crescent Road Promenade - in progress - repair of Samis Road and 7a St. trails - engagement results
  • Crestmont Dr. S.W. – in progress - lifecycle on Regional paths.
  • Dalhousie: - in progress - North/south missing link pathway between new pedestrian overpass and entrance road to Canadian tire.
  • Falconridge - Falton Co N.E. – in progress - lifecycle on local path.
  • Forest Heights at 4th Ave. & 44th St. N.E.completed - widening and lifecycling of local pathway
  • Highland Park – from Edmonton Tr. to 1st St. N.E. completed -lifecycle on Regional path.
  • Inglewood Grove S.E. – in progress - lifecycle on local path
  • Killarney Tot Lot – in progress - installation of missing link local path leading to and from new to be installed tot lot.
  • Kincora Glen Rise completed -lifecycle on local path.
  • Kincora Heights N.W. - completed - lifecycle conversion of soft surface trail to local path.
  • Marlborough - 52 St N.E. – in progress - lifecycle on Regional paths.
  • Martindale Gate N.E. – in progress - lifecycle on Regional paths.
  • McKenzie Lake Douglasdale: - temporary repairs completed - pathways along escarpment in Lake McKenzie from Mt. Alberta View North to Baseball diamonds in Douglasdale.
  • Monterey Park N.E. – pathways along Catalina Blvd – in progress - lifecycle on Regional paths.
  • North Bow River from Center Street to Langevin Bridge: - completed - lifecycle of both walk only and cycle only paths.
  • Ogden Road S.E. completed - lifecycle from 50th Avenue connector, north to Ogden Road Bridge over Bow River.
  • Penbrooke GW Skene School completed -lifecycle on local path.
  • Penbrooke - 503 Pensworth Way S.E. completed - lifecycle on local path
  • Pineridge - Pineland Cl. N.E.completed - lifecycle on local path
  • Pump House Theatre completed -lifecycle on Regional path.
  • Sherwood N.W. completed - installation of control swale to deal with overland drainage concerns.
  • Southview – completed - installation of Missing Link Local Pathway
  • Soveriegn Cres. completed -lifecycle on Regional path
  • Taradale - Taralea Wy N.E. completed -lifecycle on local path.
  • Weaselhead - completed - lifecycle overlay on Regional path

Pathway Safety Improvement Projects

In partnership with Parks Foundation Calgary, the 138 km pathway that will loop around the city is under construction.

Have questions about our pathways? Please contact Parks.