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Pathway improvements

Calgary has an extensive network of bike and pedestrian paths that connect our communities and parks. The City strives to continually maintain and update these pathways, but disruptions to the pathway network may sometimes be necessary.

downtown pathway
Prince's Island pathway

Using our pathways

Be sure to keep up to date on pathway closures and snow clearing schedules. If you encounter pathway construction, please obey all signs.

Planned pathway projects

In order to improve our pathway network, The City is currently addressing the issue of missing links and upgrades to our pathway system. The following pedestrian and bike paths are in various stages of planning and construction (all projects are subject to change and all dates are weather dependant):

2014 construction projects:

  • 85 St. N.W. - upcoming -  installation of new asphalt pathway along 85 St. N.W. north of 112 Ave. to provide pedestrian access to/from Calgary Remand Center, West View Secondary, and the Calgary Young Offenders Center.
  • Albert Park: - in progress 
    • lifecycle replacement of pathways in the park adjacent to the Community Centre at 26 St. & 12 Ave. S.E.
    • lifecycle replacement of pathway from the north end of 26 St. S.E. and Franklin LRT Station.
  • Bel-Aire complete - new pathway construction from laneway off Malibou Rd SW between Beverley Pl S.W. and Massey Pl S.W. connecting to Glenmore Dam pathway.
  • Canmore Park & Confederation Golf Course - in progress - lifecycle widening of pathways through Canmore park and lifecycle replacement of pathways along south side of Confederation Golf Course from 14 St NW to 19 St NW.
  • Dalhousie: - in progress 
    • east/west pathway between houses between Dalford Rd. & Dagliesh Rd. N.W.
    • north/south pathway between John Laurie Blvd. & Dalsby Gate N.W.
    • north/south pathway going southwest from St. Dominic Elementary School
  • Edgemont - upcoming - phase 2 lifecycle replacement of pahtways within Edgemont Ravine
  • Elbow River - in progress - flood repair and lifecycle replacement of pathways along the Elbow River from MacLeod Tr. to Stampede Bridge.
  • Glenmore Park through Weaselhead - upcoming - lifecycle replacement of pathways on the south side of the Elbow River through Weaselhead Natural Area.
  • Glenmore Park twinning - in progress - pathway twinning from Heritage Park south to 90th Ave SW
  • Heritage Drive - in progress - lifecycle replacement of concrete sidewalk with regional asphalt pathway along Heritage Dr. between Elbow Dr. & 14 St. S.W.
  • Horizon - upcoming - lifecycle replacement of pathways  
  • McKenzie Lake: - in progress
    • pathway along escarpment in Lake McKenzie.
    • pathway along McKenzie Lake Blvd, north of McKenzie Dr. S.W.
    • pathway extending south from Mount Robson Cl. S.W.
    • local pathway in park running north from Mount Norquay Gate S.W. and Mountain Park Dr. S.W.
    • local pathway in park connecting 100 Mount Norquay Pa. and Mountain Park Dr. S.W.
  • Mount Pleasant - upcoming - lifecycle replacement of pathways at 30 Ave NW near baseball diamond. 
  • North Bow River at Center St. - upcoming - lifecycle replacement of pathway underpass.
  • North Airways Missing Link - upcoming - installation of new asphalt pathway along Barlow Trail from 37 Ave to 39 Ave NE.
  • Nose Creek to 17 Ave SE (WID Weir) – upcoming -  lifecycle paving of pathway from Nose Creek heading east then south to 17 Ave S.E. Pathway construction from June 17 – November 30.
  • Ogden Rd - upcoming - lifecycle and widening of pathway along Ogden Rd south of Bow River.
  • Queen's Park Cemetery - upcoming - lifecycle replacement of pathways 
  • Rocky Ridgeupcoming -  lifecycle replacement of pathways within the community
  • Scenic Acres - upcoming - lifecycle replacement of pathways within the community 
  • Shouldice Park to Crowchild Trail - upcoming - continuation of 2013 walking path project – current condition of path to be reassessed in spring 2014 and additional work to be completed as required.
  • Varsity - upcoming - lifecycle and widening of pathway between 53 St N.W. and Crowchild Tr. N.W. (Dalhousie LRT station).
  • Additional pathway lifecycle projects as required.

2014 Safety Improvement Projects

In partnership with Parks Foundation Calgary, the 138 km pathway that will loop around the city is under construction.

Glenmore Reservoir Regional Pathway Project

The City of Calgary is pleased to announce a significant addition to the city’s extensive pathways and bikeways network with a new pathway link along Glenmore Reservoir. The new pathway link will strengthen the connection of a continuous public pathway around Glenmore Reservoir, providing spectacular views and recreational amenities to all Calgarians.

This project fulfills a long-term vision identified in both Calgary’s Urban Park Master Plan and the Open Space Plan. According to recent citizen surveys, the City’s pathways are used by 83 percent of Calgarians for recreation and transportation. Citizens report high satisfaction with pathways and strong support for a well-connected pathway system.

The new pathway will include a three-metre wide asphalt pathway along the crest of Glenmore Reservoir, connecting the existing pathway network in North Glenmore Park with the pathway network along the Glenmore Trail Causeway. Planning and design for this new pathway link will begin this year. Construction of the new regional pathway link is expected to begin in 2017. 

View the project brochure. For ongoing updates on this project, please continue to check this page.

Glenmore Regional Pathway proposed location
Illustration of propsed pathway location.

Have questions about our pathways? Please contact Parks.