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River Park, Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes

River Park, Sandy Beach and the Britannia Slopes together form a popular park and recreation area for Calgarians. This regional park is located north of the Glenmore Dam and along the Elbow River in southwest Calgary.

Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes on the Elbow River

From 2009-11, The City of Calgary Parks worked with stakeholder groups and the public to develop a park management and design development plan for the park. The plan was developed to address stakeholder concerns about environmental damage, aging amenities and user-group conflicts.

The two main goals for this planning process were:

  1. A Park Management Plan recommending principles and strategies related to enhancing the park experience for all users, reducing potential conflict among park users, minimizing biophysical impact of park users and maximizing park sustainability impact.
  2. A phased Design Development Plan (DDP) which identifies opportunities for improvement related to off-leash dog use, biophysical impact of over-use in general relating to park health and maintenance, impact of use by river rafters, appropriate location of internal trails/regional pathways, increasing pedestrian access and use by nearby residents, and traffic and parking.

The budget for the first phase is $3 million. Park improvements for this phase will begin in the spring of 2014, with completion targeted for 2015. The remaining improvements recommended in the plan will be part of a budget request and discussions in the fall of 2014.

More information and updates on this project will be posted to the website or call 311.