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Flood 2013 - park and pathway closures

Numerous parks and pathways have been affected by the recent flood, some quite severely. Below is a list of parks, pathways and off-leash areas that have been inspected and are CLOSED to the public. This list will be updated as affected parks and pathways are deemed safe for public use.

Clearing our river banks after the flood.

Pathway closures

For your safety, please obey all pathway closure signage.

For a list of inspected pathway closures with maps, please visit the pathway closures page.

Park closures


Prince's Island Park (east portion closed)  


Bowmont Park (partial), Bowness Park (partial)


Lawrey Gardens (east of Edworthy Park), Sandy Beach (partial), Stanley Park (closed portions)


All Northeast parks are open.


Beaverdam Flats, Carburn Park (partial, view map), Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (Nature Centre is open, trails are closed), Sue Higgins Park (mostly open - view map of open areas)

Off - Leash Area Closures

Off-leash areas within closed portions of the above parks are closed. All other off-leash areas remain open. List of off-leash areas