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Bridgeland Gardens

Bridgeland vacant garden

The Bridgeland/Riverside Vacant Lots Garden is a rich piece of Calgary's history. Since the late 1920s, this parcel of land has been used as a food source for Calgarians.

History of the Bridgeland community gardens

Cultivated under the sponsorship of the Vacant Lots Garden Club (1914 – 1952) this community garden is one of many that benefited less fortunate residents by allowing them to grow vegetables, while at the same time improving the aesthetic appearance of the city by ridding vacant lots of weeds, dust and garbage. At its peak in 1943, there were 2,366 Club members cultivating 3,229 vacant lots across the city – a ratio of one lot for every 30 citizens.

As Calgary's growth continued, many of the other gardens were used for land development after WWII and the Vacant Lots Garden Club dissolved in 1952. The Garden was transferred to The City and is now maintained by community residents under the Adopt-a-Park Program.

Interested in visiting the gardens?

The Bridgeland/Vacant Lots Garden is the last of its kind in Calgary. This gem is located at 46 - 7 St. N.E., south of the St. Matthews Lutheran Church.

Community Gardens add beauty to our neighbourhoods and contribute greatly to the overall heath and well-being of our communities. If you are interested in starting a community garden, visit Community Gardens Resource Network.

Former Vacant Lots Garden
Former Vacant Lots Garden. Location and date unknown.