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Off-leash areas - proposed new and improved locations

The City of Calgary Parks is constantly working to increase and improve off-leash areas in parks for citizens and their dogs to enjoy.

Edworthy off-leash area

In 2011, the Off-leash Area Management Plan was developed to provide The City of Calgary with consistent, city-wide guidelines for operating off-leash areas.

Before additional off-leash areas and site changes can be implemented, public consultation needs to occur. Below are the off-leash areas currently under review for changes or new implementation.

Glengarry Park Revitalization and Proposed New Off-leash Area

The Glengarry - Killarney Community Association has recently been awarded a grant through Parks Foundation Calgary to develop a concept plan to improve Glengarry Park. The Glengarry Park Revitalization project has been initiated to create a space for all ages to enjoy, and to make it more inviting for the public.

A number of enhancements are proposed for the park, including new pathways, light fixtures, trees and benches. In addition to these enhancements, a fenced off-leash area is being proposed within the park (approximately 30 x 30 metres). Please note there is limited funding for the project and pending public engagement and approval from Calgary Parks, improvements will be implemented as funding becomes available.

Project update - December 2016

The feedback collected online and at the open house held in October has been compiled into a What We Heard report. Calgary Parks is reviewing the report as part of the decision-making process. Everyone who signed up for the email distribution list on their feedback form will be notified of the outcome. If the proposed park improvements and off-leash area are approved, the next step will be determining cost and funding availability. The community and adjacent residents will be notified of any decision to proceed.

Public Engagement

We hosted a public open house on October 17, 2016, at the Good Companions Activity Centre, to gather community input about the park enhancements and proposed fenced off-leash area. View the display boards from the open house.

No decisions have been made about whether or not the off-leash area or park improvements will be implemented. The first step in the process is to gather feedback and gauge the level of community support.