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Off-leash areas - proposed new and improved locations

The City of Calgary Parks is constantly working to increase and improve off-leash areas in parks for citizens and their dogs to enjoy.

Edworthy off-leash area

In 2011, the Off-leash Area Management Plan was developed to provide The City of Calgary with consistent, city-wide guidelines for operating off-leash areas.

Before additional off-leash areas and site changes can be implemented, public consultation needs to occur. Below are the off-leash areas currently under review for changes or new implementation.

Connaught Park - New off-leash area

The new off-leash areas in Connaught Park are opening on June 2, 2016. Join us for a community celebration that day from 4 to 8 p.m. Our P.U.P.P.Y program and off-leash ambassadors will be there to chat with you and answer your questions about responsible pet ownership.

We thank Calgarians for their participation and feedback to date. The final design concept was influenced by the thoughts and ideas that citizens provided through various engagement opportunities, and through and the guidelines set out in The City of CalgaryOff-leash Management Plan.

Connaught Park Off-leash Area Preferred Concept

In light of the strong stakeholder support for the project, The City of Calgary will be proceeding with the construction of Calgary’s first fenced urban off-leash area, with construction beginning in 2015.


Connaught Park is a central location within the Beltline community. The intended purpose of the park when it was first redeveloped in 2009 (and upgraded again in 2008) was to be a mixed-use park and retain its passive function. However, the park is currently underused. Transitioning the existing green space in the eastern part of the park into fenced, off-leash areas will compliment the mixed-used intention of the park and attract a variety of new park users.

About the new off-leash area

The new off-leash park will offer dogs and their owners a one-of-a-kind urban off-leash experience, right in the core of the city. The off-leash areas(s) within the park will be surrounded by a fence to keep dogs and their owners safe to explore and play freely throughout the landscape, dog-friendly amenities, and rest areas.

The fenced off-leash area will include the grassed diamond-shaped area on the east side of Connaught Park. The seating plaza on the west side of the park and some portions of the grassed sections at the north and south will remain as a seating area for other park users to enjoy.

Public feedback

The City of Calgary Parks held a second public open house in Connaught Park on Wednesday, October 22. The open house was held to gain further insight as to whether the public is in support of the project in light of a revised concept, and to gather feedback on the revised concept (i.e. what they like and/or dislike about the revised concept).

Citizens provided feedback to Parks at the open house and through an online survey. The online survey closed November 5. Read the verbatim comments to hear what people told us at the open house and online survey.

For a report back on what the public had to say at the first open house and engagement sessions, visit The City of Calgary engage! portal.

What happens next?

Construction on the new off-leash area began late last year, and will be completed this year. Stay tuned for an opening date and details.

Chaparral - proposed off-leash area

The City of Calgary hosted a public open house in the fall of 2014 and provided an online survey to gather community input about a proposed off-leash area in the Transportation Utility Corridor, south of Stoney Trail, between MacLeod Trail and Chaparral Boulevard S.E.

After reviewing the feedback, we have decided to place the formalization of this site on hold until we have fully investigated other options within the area. We will have more information regarding potentially new off leash sites within the area after a more thorough investigation is complete.

Although there was support expressed in favor of formalizing the off-leash area, there were a variety of concerns raised from stakeholders and the community in regard to the potential for increased noise, parking, litter and other issues. Please view thefull report for a compete compilation of public feedback.

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable venue for dog enthusiasts with minimal impact on residents and other park users. Stay tuned for more information which will be posted in the fall of 2015.

Please view the complete list of Calgary’s 150 public off-leash areas for one near your community.