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Park irrigation glossary

Irrigaiton controls

Terminology relating to Water Management:

Automatic System - a sprinklers system, which can be programmed to water at regular intervals utilizing either electric or hydraulic controller and valves.

Controller - any device which can be programmed to transmit energy to the valves.

Drain Valve - any valve used to drain water from a line.

Effective Rainfall - portion of total rainfall which becomes available for plant growth.

Electric Valve - an automatic valve normally utilizing 24 to 30 volts AC from the controller to activate a solenoid, allowing the valve to open and close.

Evapotranspiration (ET) - moisture evaporated from the surface and transpired from the plant.

Flow - the movement of water through a closure.

Gate Valve - a valve utilizing a rising and descending gate to control the flow of water.

GPH - universal abbreviation for gallons per hour.

GPM - universal abbreviation for gallons per minute.

Irrigation Central Control system - is a computer based system that enables the programming, monitoring and operation of an irrigation system from a central location

Humidity - dampness of the air.

Hydraulic System - a sprinkler system that utilizes water as a replacement for electric current to open and close valves.

Master Valve - a normally closed valve located between the manual shut-off and the backflow preventer that opens only when one of the section valves in a sprinkler system comes on. This serves to keep pressure off the mainline except during operation.

Main or Mainline - the piping that provides pressurized water to the sprinkler sections.

Manual System - a sprinkler system that is operated by manual valves rather than by automatic controls.

Nozzle - a device through which sprinkler system water is channelled to form a desired pattern and radius.

Potable Water - water meant for human consumption. Domestic or drinking water.

Precipitation - total of all atmospheric water deposited on the surface. That is rain, snow, hail, dew and condensation.

Precipitation Rate (PR) - the rate at which sprinklers apply water measured in inches per hour.

Pressure - the force of water, measure in PSI or foot head.

Program - the watering schedule of an automatic sprinkler.

Rain Switch - a feature on many controllers which allows the owner to stop watering during rainy periods without interrupting the program.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) - a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data.

Solenoid - is device on an automatic electric valve that regulates the flow of water into the upper chamber of the valve, permitting it to either open or close. It is a simple electromagnet.

Valve - a device that controls the flow of water.

Xeriscape - a landscaping method that employs drought-resistant plants in an effort to conserve water.