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Calgary's Wildlife





You can help! Send in your wildlife sightings., Calgary Captured Website

Calgary Captured

False, Owls


Wildlife Monitoring

You can help! Send in your wildlife sightings.

Calgary Captured



Calgary's Wildlife  Learn More

Wildlife within Calgary's parks play an important role in sustaining a healthy environment. Our natural parks range in size from 0.43 to 1127 hectares and are home to an array of flora and fauna, including wild animals that can make a stroll through the park very memorable. All wild animals are unpredictable. For your safety and the animal's well being, please maintain a safe distance from any animal encountered. Do not provoke animals and remember, never feed any wildlife.


Wildlife Monitoring  Learn More

To better understand wildlife in Calgary, we are starting a wildlife monitoring program this year. To monitor wildlife, motion activated cameras will be installed in 11 City parks and one provincial park to take pictures of wildlife in those areas. We will use information from this monitoring program to make better decisions when planning parks and other City spaces. You can help! Send in your wildlife sightings.


Coyotes  Learn More

Coyotes are common in Calgary. Because of several factors, coyotes are not necessarily staying in traditional natural areas. This may be happening because they are finding food sources within the city and are not discouraged from utilizing those sources. Never leave food in your yard, even pet food, and avoid hanging bird feeders that contain lard or suet.

Coyotes are present in many urban areas within the city. Keep your dog leashed at all times, and pick up children or small dogs if a coyote is spotted. If you are in a remote location and spot a coyote, leave the area immediately.


Biodiversity  Learn More

Calgarians value our city’s diversity and richness in wildlife, vegetation and landscapes; The City of Calgary and citizens work to integrate our actions and the built environment with an ecological network that is healthy, connected and well managed (Our BiodiverCity, 2015).

Calgary is working to protect, develop, and manage city parks and ecosystems in support of biodiversity.