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EcoAction School

Encana EcoAction School

The Encana EcoAction School is a week-long environmental study program for students in every grade presented by The City at Ralph Klein Park.


EcoAction School gives Calgary teachers the opportunity to move their classroom to Ralph Klein Park for an entire week. During this time students become actively engaged in inquiry based learning, enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills, and interact with site experts to develop their subject knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Teachers apply by submitting a proposal showing a plan for an overall study at school using the week at EcoAction School as a spotlight on their studies. Applications for the following school year are reviewed in late spring of the current school year. Visit Campus Calgary for the next school year application dates and forms. Each week is tailor-made for the needs of the students and teachers and is developed in collaboration with the EcoAction Program Specialist.

Students are given the opportunity to explore water, wetlands and their place in the watershed, empowering them to make decisions and act in culturally appropriate and locally relevant ways. The chance to spend extended periods of time quietly observing, reflecting and journaling within this special setting helps deepen student and adult learning and can play an important role in developing positive attitudes and actions towards our environment.

EcoAction School is generously supported by the Encana Corporation. It is approved as a field-trip destination by both Calgary school boards. EcoAction School is operated by The City of Calgary Parks.


1 to 12

Offered at:

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For more information on how to apply for the next school year, call 3-1-1 or visit the Campus Calgary website.

"The days go so quickly, the students are so engaged not only with the outside world but with the building itself!" - Grade 7 teacher

"Thank you for the day. I had no idea how important those storm drains are. I am coming back in the summer to spend time here with my family so they can learn about our place in the watershed too" - Grade 5 parent volunteer

"This place makes me happy. I learned that what we do in Calgary can affect people in Medicine Hat or even in Manitoba" - Grade 5 student

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