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ReTree Community Program

Planting new roots in your community. The ReTree Community Program aims to have more trees planted in communities.

We will be visiting the following communities, planting new City trees and growing our urban forest. We will also be offerring tree education programs in spring and summer.

2017 ReTree communities:

• Albert Park / Radisson Heights
• Millrise • Shawnessy
• Britannia
• Mission • Southview
• Evergreen
• Panorama Hills • Spruce Cliff
• Forest Heights
• Parkdale • St. Andrews Heights
• Glamorgan
• Richmond / Knob Hill • Sunnyside
• Highwood
• Rosedale • Thorncliffe
• Hillhurst
• Rosemont • Varsity
• Hounsfield Heights / Briar Hill
• Shawnee Slopes • Wildwood
• Inglewood

These communities where chosen based on many factors, the main ones being storm damage, open canopy space and community interest. We will be planting in 25 communities for 2016, and 25 communities for 2017 with a reduction in communities once the ReTree YYC funding is complete. The plan is for the City to plant City trees along boulevards and in front of homes.

Any questions? Place your 311 request under ‘ReTree Community Program’.