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University of Calgary Urban Coyote Study


The University of Calgary Urban Coyote Project is conducting a scientific study of coyotes using some City of Calgary park locations. Visit the University of Calgary's Calgary Urban Coyote website for project information.

UofC Coyote Study

The goals of this study are to build a better understanding of coyote movements and interactions and to proactively address risks to ensure a healthy environment for people, pets and wildlife.

The University Project team will be tagging and releasing coyotes using padded, toothless, humane foot hold traps. The methods used to tag and release coyotes follow a strict and ethical animal care protocol to avoid any injury to coyotes.

Please read the signs posted in study locations, and respect and obey park rules.

  • Study areas will have three signs – one in the parking lot, one along the pathway approaching the study area and one by each trap location with an emergency number.
  • Coyotes will be tagged and released after hours when they are more active and parks are closed.
  • Parks close at 11 p.m.


Under the City’sResponsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 23M2006 dogs must be on leash at all times in areas designated “on – leash.” When in designated Off-leash areas, dogs must be within sight of the owner and under the owner’s control. Cats are not allowed to roam and must be on the owner’s property.