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Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture
The City of Calgary Culture division facilitates active participation and access to the arts for all. We are part of The City of Calgary Recreation, dedicated to replenishing the body, inspiring the mind and feeding the soul.
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Public Art

Public Art
Luminous Crossings by Cliff Garten Studios

Through the Public Art Program, The City of Calgary contributes to:

  • a visually rich environment; attracting creative businesses and workers;
  • art opportunities that are freely accessible to all;
  • our diverse cultural character and celebrating our living heritage;
  • the growth of a culturally informed public.

The Public Art Policy provides a foundation for the effective development, management and stewardship of public art throughout Calgary by:

  • articulating a clear definition of public art for the City of Calgary;
  • providing leadership and guiding principles that ensure consistent implementation of the policy across the corporation;
  • clarifying funding strategies and mechanisms;
  • outlining a management framework that identifies consistent processes, roles and responsibilities;
  • ensuring sound stewardship of all public art assets held in trust for the citizens of Calgary.
Festivals and events

Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events enhance the quality of life in Calgary and are an essential element in creating complete communities. These experiences are recognized to have significant value by citizens and visitors and are a vital ingredient in Calgary’s on-going development as an active and creative city.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity in Calgary

The mandate of the cultural diversity section in Recreation’s Culture Division is to foster an environment that values diversity and supports inclusive equitable access to City of Calgary recreation and leisure services and its community partners.

The City of Calgary values diversity best practices. We believe that the expression of this individuality through the arts, culture and recreation are vital to an active lifestyle. Through diversity best practices we are working towards and increased participation among diverse clients in the area of recreation and leisure services with special attention to cultural diversity.