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Featured programs at Wildflower Arts Centre

The featured programs below are just a few of the many great classes available at Wildflower Arts Centre. For information about additional programs and classes, please view our Online Recreation Program Guide or build a program guide with My Rec Guide. To find featured programs at other locations, check Recreation's featured programs.

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Last Updated: Friday September 30, 2016 9:51:38 AM

Featured programs
By Hand - Check details and register
This workshop series explores new approaches to traditional processes of hand-making with innovative artists and makers. Experience the satisfaction of crafting something from your heart with your hands, learning technique and building skills alongside like-minded people. No experience necessary...just come and have fun! Supplies included. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Drama - Improvisation for Adults - Check details and register
Experience the actor's 'natural' high and laugh so hard that you'll cry. Learn to create amazing theatre on the spot. Dare each other to a game of wits and find the joy in looking foolish! A small class allows for a safe place to play. No experience or 'right answers' required. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Mixed Media - Check details and register
Explore the fundamentals of mixed media art-making with a variety of intriguing materials such as found objects, imagery, text, maps, papers and ephemera. Transform these materials using your imagination and some inventive and unexpected textural, painting and drawing techniques. Supplies included. Age Group: 18 Years and Over