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Olympic Bid 2026 Venues and Logistics


2026 Olympics Venues



Venues and logistics for 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid

True, Canada Olympic Park



Venues and logistics

Venues and logistics for 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid


The City of Calgary is assessing existing winter sport infrastructure, including facilities that were used in the 1988 Olympics. Existing City plans are also being reviewed to ensure that the infrastructure required to host a Winter Olympics aligns with the vision for Calgary’s future.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also introduced a new approach to hosting the Games, called Agenda 2020, and encourages Host Cities to use existing facilities in other regions of their country, to reduce costs.

The City of Calgary is considering the following items before making its recommendations on whether or not to bid on the 2026 Games

  1. Land and building costs for updating existing and constructing new facilities. These facilities would be used for media, athlete and spectator accommodations, and competition and training venues.
  2. The funding of all sports venues and media facilities, through the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments.
  3. The possibility of using facilities in other cities, to reduce costs. The City has been in contact with:
    • The Town of Whistler about the possibility of hosting ski jumping and the Nordic combined at existing 2010 Games facilities.
    • The City of Edmonton about the possibility of hosting curling at existing facilities.
    • The City is also working with the Town of Canmore, Lake Louise and Nakiska to identify opportunities for collaboration and cost reduction.


The Calgary Bid Exploration Committee initially cited two arenas in its proposal to host the games. However, further assessment has determined that if Calgary were to proceed with a bid on the 2026 Olympics, it would be able to host the Games with a single arena (Saddledome).

If Calgary builds a new arena before a possible 2026 Games, there is a possibility of using two arenas in the Games.


Transportation is developing a plan for the 2026 Games that would provide a safe, reliable, convenient, and accessible transportation system for all Games visitors and stakeholders, while ensuring the daily needs of Calgarians are met. The City is already investing in critical transportation infrastructure that would support a 2026 Winter Games in Calgary.

  • This new transportation infrastructure would support the Olympic experience.
  • A rail transit connection to the airport is in The City’s long-term strategy, but is not planned to be funded or constructed by 2026. It is not critical to hosting the Games.

The City’s Transportation Department will review and assess existing and planned infrastructure that would support the Games - connecing people and goods to venues, events, accommodation, and the international airport. 


It is essential to provide a safe environment for Games participants, spectators and the public while still allowing them to enjoy the festive atmosphere surrounding the Games.

The project team has been working with various Games Operations teams, such as venue planners and transportation planners, to identify security risks associated with hosting a Games.  Strategies will be developed to address the identified risks.

The project team will be working directly with law enforcement, the intelligence community, and the private security industry to build an integrated security strategy for hosting the 2026 Games. In order to maintain the integrity of the security process and so as not to potentially compromise future security tactics, the vast majority of the security team's work will not be made public.


Having enough available accommodations and hotels facilities is necessary to host the Games. The Project Team is focused on identifying and working with the hotel industry and other accommodations services to develop a comprehensive accommodations strategy. All accommodations within a 50 kilometre radius from a venue will be evaluated and considered for room inventory.

Affordable Housing

The Olympic Media Accommodation strategy would provide housing that supports The City’s long-term community development aspirations and that provide media with accommodations near reliable transit services. Following the Games, this accommodation would be converted to affordable housing, which would meet the objectives of The City’s Affordable Housing Strategy.