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Fee Assistance - Qualifying and applying

Our Fee Assistance program is designed to help all residents enjoy the many recreation opportunities in Calgary. If you think you might qualify for fee assistance, please review the following instructions.

How do I know if I qu​alify for fee assistance?

To be eligible to qualify for Fee Assistance, customers must meet the following requirements :
  1. Be a resident of Calgary at the time of application.
  2. Have a household income below the Statistics Canada Low-Income Cutoffs.

You will be required to prove that your income is below the Low-Income Cutoff. Page two of the Fee Assistance application has a list of acceptable methods of proving your financial eligibility. The City has also created an application tips handout that will help you with more detail regarding each of the proofs of eligibility requirements. For more application information please visit our low income Single-Entry site.

How ​do I apply?

  1. Print and fill out the Fee Assistance application and make a photo copy of your proof of financial eligibility. If you do not have access to a printer, you can submit a request to have an application mailed to you, or you can pick up an application in person at:
  2. Mail, fax or drop off the completed application (and supporting documents). Page three of the application form will tell you where to send it and what to expect once we've received it.

It takes approximately 6 weeks upon receipt of the application to process it. If you have not heard from us in the allotted time you can check the status of your application by completing this status inquiry form


Try ​the questions about Fee Assistance page. If you still have questions or are having difficulty with the application form, please contact 311 and ask to be put in touch with our recreation connector. ​