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Featured programs at Southland Leisure Centre

The featured programs below are just a few of the many great classes available at Southland Leisure Centre. For information about additional programs and classes, please view our Online Recreation Program Guide. To find featured programs at other locations, check Recreation's featured programs.

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Last Updated: Wednesday April 26, 2017 10:51:37 PM

Featured programs
Babysitter Training Course - Check details and register
This Canadian Red Cross course includes skills for caring for infants and toddlers, babysitters' rights and responsibilities, safety and how to handle emergencies. Participants must attend entire course and pass a written exam to receive a participation card. Course length may vary due to the inclusion of scheduled non-instructional breaks. Age Group: 6-17 Years
Parent & Baby Fit Together - On Land - Check details and register
Bring your baby to your workout! Try a variety of aerobic class styles in a baby-friendly environment where you can meet other parents and tots. Infants up to 12 months are welcome. Age Group: 0-17 Years + Adult
Partners Dance - Ballroom Dance - Check details and register
Looking for a fun night out? Ballroom dance is a set of partner dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. This class will take you through the fundamentals of Ballroom dance. No partner required. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Partners Dance - Country Dance - Check details and register
Learn the basic steps, patterns and timing for some of the most popular country dances in North America. Take your Stampedin' to a whole new level this year. No partner required. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Partners Dance - Latin Dance - Check details and register
Social, sensual and fun - discover Latin America's sexy secret! Latin dance invites you to experience playful movements to flavourful music. This program will help you strut your stuff on a cruise ship, a tropical destination or even on a local dance floor. No partner required. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Pilates Reformer - Level 1 - Check details and register
The Pilates Reformer incorporates a moveable carriage, springs, footbar and straps. Pilates principles are taught and applied to basic exercises performed on the Reformer with an emphasis on safety and form. Individual weaknesses and imbalances are addressed, and you will become more aware of posture and body alignment. Pilates Reformer - Introductory is a prerequisite. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Rock Climbing - Little Rockers - Check details and register
Participants will learn safety, coordination, self awareness, problem solving skills, and basic climbing skills through fun and exciting games. Kids will 'boulder' the path to success and move onto the big wall where they can put on a harness and climb away. Instructors will belay the climbers and parents are invited to do the belaying at the last class. Age Group: 0-6 Years
Strength - Strength Training for Youth - Check details and register
This introductory program covers proper techniques of weight training using a combination of free weights and machines. Come prepared to workout. Age Group: 6-17 Years