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Parent/guardian newsletters - Southland

Please note: The content on this page is for current program registrants. If you would like more information on our playschool programs, please visit Southland or Village Square.

Thank you for registering your child in Playschool at Southland Leisure Centre.


Our playschool staff are looking forward to working with your child this school year. We have lots of fun and learning in store for you! We are a play based program and strive to provide a positive, active environment in all classes. Our goal is to teach social skills, physical literacy as well as academics. Our well-rounded programs help to ensure your child develops in all areas and will be ready for kindergarten by the end of the 4 year old program.

boy in playschool
What to bring each day:
  • Small backpack
  • Change of clothes
  • Small snack and drink
  • Pair of socks for the Kinderroom
  • Outdoor clothing, weather appropriate

Please refer to the

 Parent Handbook. 2016-17
for more detailed information (includes yearly calendar).


You can contact your child’s instructor directly by calling the classroom. Please leave a message.

Building Blocks -    403-648-6597
Sunshine Garden - 403-648-6585
Toybox Room -      403-648-6571
Pumpkin Patch -    403-648-6583
Rainbow Room -    403-648-6598

Tips for an easy transition from home to playschool


Some children may feel anxiety when leaving their parents/guardians. All our instructors are aware of this and will try to make the initial separation as easy as possible for both the child and parent/guardian. The most important tip to a successful transition is for parents not to show their anxiety.


Before your child’s first day

  • Come see the facility so that your child knows where he/she will be going. Drop in to meet the instructors Friday, September 9 from 9:30-11 a.m. No appointment necessary.
  • Read books. Talk positively about Playschool. Explain what will happen.
  • Take your child to buy a backpack or snacks for their special day.
  • Emphasize that they will have lots of fun.
  • If you are feeling anxious, try not to show it to your child.  They will "pick-up" on your feelings.