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Featured programs at Acadia Aquatic & Fitness Centre

The featured programs below are just a few of the many great classes available at Acadia Aquatic & Fitness Centre. For information about additional programs and classes, please view our Online Recreation Program Guide. To find featured programs at other locations, check Recreation's featured programs.

Last Updated: Sunday March 26, 2017 8:51:07 AM

Featured programs
Cut - Check details and register
Cut is a total body workout that incorporates the use of high repetitions into a full body workout. You will see improvements in your muscular endurance while you improve your heart health. This workout is good for all fitness levels! Progression occurs as your fitness level improves. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Exercise & Aging (Gentle Fitness Level 2) - Check details and register
Live a little longer and a whole lot better. This class will help you counteract the physical effects of aging. Exercises chosen will address cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. Specifically designed to provide information on self management through exercise. Age Group: 50 Years and Over
Line Dance - Beginner Level 1 - Check details and register
Designed for the beginner, routines contain short sequences of steps and easy to follow travelling steps. With a slower pace of teaching it will ease you into this dance style. No previous dance experience or partner required. All types of music used, come join the fun! Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Preschool Dance - Happy Feet & Tapping Toes - Check details and register
Children explore movement and music styles that stimulate their imaginations and natural creativity. This class is for boys and girls and offers exposure to various dance forms while encouraging confident self-expression. Age Group: 0-6 Years
Preschool Dance - Pre-Jazz & Ballet Combo - Check details and register
A creative exploration of two classic dance forms: jazz and ballet. This class will introduce your child to the lively rhythms of jazz and the basics of classical ballet. Enjoy the variety and exposure of two classes in one! Age Group: 0-6 Years
Preschool Dance - Tap Dance - Check details and register
This recreational tap class will develop rhythm, coordination, balance and general fitness. Little tappers will be introduced to music awareness, rhythm movement, various tap steps and tap techniques. Step, stamp and stomp your way to a tappin' good time! Age Group: 0-6 Years
Preschool Dance - Tiny Ballerinas - Check details and register
Twirl and leap your way into this fun-filled recreational approach to ballet! Age Group: 0-6 Years
Sets, Reps & Core - Check details and register
A weight room style class, without the weight room! This group fitness class will use repeated sets to strengthen, tone and increase your core stability through a weight training workout that uses hand weights, as well as your own body against gravity to help you achieve a stronger body! Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Yoga - Preschool - Check details and register
Roar like a lion, stretch like a dog, stand tall like a warrior in this playful yoga class. Young children benefit from increases in self-esteem, body awareness, flexibility and coordination while role playing in this imaginative program. Age Group: 0-6 Years
YYC Barre - Check details and register
Barre technique is an athletic fusion that incorporates specific ballet inspired movements to gain strength, tone and define those hard-to-target muscles. Not a dance class, but this fun, high-energy, low-impact workout targets your core, arms and legs. Ideal for all fitness levels, guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body. Age Group: 18 Years and Over