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Featured programs at Foothills Aquatic Centre

The featured programs below are just a few of the many great classes available at Foothills Aquatic Centre. For information about additional programs and classes, please view our Online Recreation Program Guide. To find featured programs at other locations, check Recreation's featured programs.

Last Updated: Wednesday January 11, 2017 3:51:15 PM

Featured programs
Bronze Cross - Check details and register
This course includes more complex rescues, an introduction to safety supervision of aquatic facilities and CPR C certification. Course length may vary due to the inclusion of scheduled non-instructional breaks. Prerequisite: 13Y and up, Bronze Medallion. You will be prompted for your Lifesaving Member ID# at time of registration. If you cannot provide your LS Member ID #, contact the pool at which you have received your Bronze Medallion to register. Prerequisite award must be presented to the instructor on the first day of the course. Age Group: 12 Years and Over
National Lifeguard - Recertification - Check details and register
This is a recertification course for the National Lifeguard award. Course time may be extended at the instructor's discretion (course time may vary from 4 to 6 hours). Age Group: 12 Years and Over
Swim for Life - Parent & Tot 1,2 &3 - Check details and register
Parent & Tot is aimed at children from 6 months to 3 years and their parents. Based on the principal of 'Within Arms' Reach', Parent & Tot focuses on close playful interaction and shared fun between child, parent and the water. Age Group: 0-17 Years + Adult
Swim for Life - Preschool 1 - Check details and register
These preschoolers learn to enter and exit shallow water safely and to put their face in the water blowing bubbles. They will learn to move safely in shallow water and to wear a lifejacket to be comfortable with floats and back glides. Age Group: 0-6 Years
Swim for Life - Preschool 2 - Check details and register
These youngsters will jump into chest deep water and learn to submerge and to exhale underwater. They will be introduced to lateral rollovers and will practice front and back glides as well as flutter kick wearing a lifejacket or other buoyant aid. Prerequisite: Swim for Life - Preschool 1. Age Group: 0-6 Years
Swim for Life - Preschool 4&5 - Check details and register
The preschoolers will work on the skills outlined for their appropriate swim level, but will also have the opportunity to gain and/or perfect skills from the combined swim level. Age Group: 0-6 Years
Swim for Life - Swimmer 1 - Check details and register
This level is the foundation for swimming skill development. It includes safe entries into various depths of water, treading water with sculling action of hand, breath control, opening of the eyes under the water, front and back floats, lateral rollovers, front, back and side glides, flutter kick on front and back, and front crawl. Age Group: 6-17 Years