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Halloween Swim Coupons

Children dressed for Halloween

Surprise your trick or treaters with a coupon that lets a child or youth ages 2-17 enjoy a free swim at one of our pools or leisure centres. Coupons are on sale now.

Cost: $5.00 for a booklet of 10 coupons (nine for indoor pools and one for leisure centres).

Where are they sold?

  • Online at CITYonline
  • At our indoor pools or leisure centres
    • Foothills Aquatic Centre is closed for renovations and will not be selling swim coupons.
  • At the Recreation Business Services, North Tower, 2808 Spiller Road S.E.

How it works

Simply tear off a coupon and drop it into the trick or treater's Halloween bag and they can redeem that coupon to enjoy a free swim at one of our indoor pools or leisure centres.