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Inglewood Aquatic Centre accessibility


Please note: Calgary Recreation is improving accessibility in facilities whenever upgrades are done. Levels of accessibility vary according to when our facilities were built and when major renovations were completed, so not all parts of the facility may be “accessible for all”. This information indicates the parts of the facility that are barrier-free and is provided to help customer(s) with a disability find a facility that can meet their particular sensory or mobility needs.



  • 1 designated accessible parking space
  • Accessible path of travel leads from parking lot to the entrance


  • 1 step at main entrance with a short (3 M) ramp
  • Push plate/button opens doors


  • Universal ‘single use washroom’ in hallway
    • no power operated door
    • doorway width is 770 mm
    • barrier-free cubicle door width is 770 mm
    • centre line of toilet is positioned too close to side wall

Interior building elements

  • 1 floor/level in facility
  • Swipe card mechanism is between 800 and 1100 mm from the floor (reachable from a wheelchair)
  • Continuous accessible path of travel (public corridor is at least 1100 mm wide) to:
    • Pool deck and pool area
      • Narrowest width within female change room is 870 mm; no power operated door
      • Narrowest width within male change room is 900 mm; no power operated door
    • Multi-purpose Room
      • no power operated door
    • Vending machine in lobby
  • Means of water entry/exit from pool:
    • Portable stairs with handrails
    • Vertical ladder
  • Colour contrast edging around the pool