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Featured programs at Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Centre

The featured programs below are just a few of the many great classes available at Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Centre. For information about additional programs and classes, please view our Online Recreation Program Guide. To find featured programs at other locations, check Recreation's featured programs.

Last Updated: Wednesday January 11, 2017 3:51:08 PM

Featured programs
Abs & Arms - Check details and register
The ultimate sculpting class; tone both the arms and the abs in this great session. Your instructor will lead you through a variety of exercises that will give you a stronger and more defined upper body and mid-section and get you looking great! Age Group: 18 Years and Over
AFLCA Aquatic Exercise Certification - Check details and register
Learn the components necessary to teach water workouts. Includes principles of water, class organization, use of equipment and special populations. Manual fee will be included at time of registration. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Babysitter Training Course - Check details and register
This Canadian Red Cross course includes skills for caring for infants and toddlers, babysitters' rights and responsibilities, safety and how to handle emergencies. Participants must attend entire course and pass a written exam to receive a participation card. Course length may vary due to the inclusion of scheduled non-instructional breaks. Age Group: 6-17 Years
Ballet Dance For Big Feet - Basics - Check details and register
Have you always wanted to try ballet? It's not too late! Explore ballet fundamentals, improve your fitness level and have some fun. No experience required. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Core & More - Check details and register
Get strong to your core and more! Focus will be on creating a toned and strong midsection, then building on that strength with a different focus each day: legs, arms, or cardio for a full body workout! Each class will finish with a relaxing stretch. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Dance Allsorts - Check details and register
An introduction to the basics of ballet, modern and jazz - all in one course. This lively sampler includes technique fundamentals and short dance combinations for each dance genre, in a safe and creative environment. Age Group: 6-17 Years
Fitness Recertification Workshops - Check details and register
The following workshops offer Continuing Education Credits (CECs) towards your fitness recertification. Age Group: 18 Years and Over
Hip-Hop & Jazz Combo - Check details and register
Participants will learn the fundamentals of hip-hop and jazz. Each class will introduce your child to dance sequences incorporating both upbeat styles. This combination class is an excellent way to improve musicality and coordination. Age Group: 6-17 Years
Karate for Everyone - Introductory - Check details and register
A recreational approach to karate for kids and/or adults, focusing on the development of balance, discipline, coordination as well as basic karate techniques. PLEASE NOTE: The adult fee is higher and includes GST. Age Group: 0-17 Years + Adult
Preschool Dance - Happy Feet & Tapping Toes - Check details and register
Children explore movement and music styles that stimulate their imaginations and natural creativity. This class is for boys and girls and offers exposure to various dance forms while encouraging confident self-expression. Age Group: 0-6 Years
Preschool Dance - Pre-Jazz & Ballet Combo - Check details and register
A creative exploration of two classic dance forms: jazz and ballet. This class will introduce your child to the lively rhythms of jazz and the basics of classical ballet. Enjoy the variety and exposure of two classes in one! Age Group: 0-6 Years
Preschool Dance - Tiny Ballerinas - Check details and register
Twirl and leap your way into this fun-filled recreational approach to ballet! Age Group: 0-6 Years