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Bend in the Bow - public art opportunities

The City of Calgary has begun a long-term project to connect the Inglewood Wildlands, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (IBS), Pearce Estate Park and the adjoining green spaces along the Bow River, in a project called Bend in the Bow.

This project will explore and address ways to preserve, enhance and celebrate the only urban-centred, federally recognized bird sanctuary in Canada, while retaining the historic significance of the surrounding lands and open spaces. When completed, Bend in the Bow will tell stories of Calgary’s beginnings, heritage and how our city has evolved.

As members of the design development project team, artist team Haddad|Drugan LLC have been commissioned to explore and identify opportunities for sharing some of these stories through the lens of public art.

For more information including ways to participate, visit the Bend in the Bow webpage or the Engage Portal.

The Artists

Since 2001, Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan’s collaboration as an artist team has fostered a wide range of innovative site-specific public art commissions and plans. Their studio, Haddad|Drugan, operates at intersections of art, architecture, landscape, and theater and specializes in creating conceptually driven art that is often integrated into large-scale infrastructure projects. 

Past and current work includes art for stormwater utilities, transportation projects, museums, libraries, urban plazas and parks as well as comprehensive art plans, including the entry into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as well as the Elliott Bay Seawall Project on Seattle’s Central Waterfront.  Their award-winning work has been published in Sculpture, Architectural Record, Landscape Architecture, Eco-Structure, Landscape Journal, Land Forum, and other publications.