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Community and Artist Resources

Community and Artist Resources has been developed as a resource tool for communities and artists interested in obtaining information about the City of Calgary public art process. To encourage learning and understanding of public art across the world, other non-Calgary resources will also be provided.

The Public Art Program invites you to inform us what content you would like to see developed on this page. Please contact us with your ideas through email at

Doing a public art project?

Looking to engage in a public art project?  The external public art tool kit is available for our community partners who would like guidance on the process.

Definitions and terminology

Have you ever wondered about some of the terms or phrases you may have seen associated with the topic of public art? Here is a growing list of definitions that The City of Calgary and the Public Art Program utilize.

Public art resources

Applying for a City of Calgary public art project?

If you are looking to submit an application for a public art commission with The City of Calgary, there are ways to find out about expectations before you apply.