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Painted City Artist Roster - Chris Perez

Artist Statement:

My artwork is a reflection of my personal experiences with the urban and natural atmosphere; it is a representation of space and form through expressional strokes and gestures. I translate my feelings and emotions into a visual language that can communicate with viewers. Along with traditional mediums such as acrylic and ink, I also use aerosol and latex paint to expand my work space onto walls or larger surfaces. I am currently interested in translating images of floral arrangements into abstract forms that receive a feeling of natural fluidity that resonates within nature. I particularly create floral arrangements that semi-mirror each other that speak about my parallels of being from an Asian heritage background but identifying as a Canadian.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Floral
  • Floral Snap
  • Red Garage
  • TD Hamilton
  • Windy

Artist Bio:

Born and raised in Toronto, Chris Perez graduated in 2012 through OCADU’s Drawing and Painting degree program. After receiving a BFA he has continued a practice in fine art by applying himself to painting murals and spending time in the studio. Chris’s work has developed over time with various subjects such as abstract expressionism and traditional representational forms which he pulls from personal experiences in the city. His cultural background is Filipino but identifies as a Canadian; his new work revolves around personal expression and identity, drawing imagery from floral arrangements found on Asian influenced household items.

Community Engagement:

I wish to educate youth and adults who are interested in participating in an open wall concept and teach technical skills of painting. Arranging a date where the public can come and enjoy the creation of art, I would create outlines which they can follow and a sketch of the piece to show a visualization of the final mural. The community can then come and paint by number; filling the right spaces with colours and then I would detail the final version during my finishing process. I also will educate the ideas of abstract thinking and concepts through the imagery of the provincial flower the Rosa Acicularis. I also would like to create a conversation about being Canadian and what identifies each individual as being a citizen of this country, opening a dialogue of identification and cultural backgrounds.
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