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Painted City Artist Roster - Dan Bergeron

​Artist Statement

I am a visual artist whose work examines, re-imagines and exists in the public landscape. My projects are sometimes commissioned and sometimes uncommissioned; sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent. They take multiple forms: large-scale figurative portraits adhered to architectural elements, functional sculptures, murals, billboard interventions and mixed media paintings installed in public spaces. This variety reflects my interest in using a range of materials and infrastructures to engage in conversations about the history, current uses and social meaning of our shared spaces. Each of my projects is highly site-specific: the shape and texture of a wall, the history and human uses of a location, or an individual’s connection to a place dictate the content, placement, and form of the work. I often work closely with communities and intend for my artistic products to foster community-building long after the shared processes that realized the work are finished.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Faces of Regent Park
  • In Hazels Eye
  • Everything that Rises
  • Underground Kiln
  • Face of the City

Artist Bio 

I am a Toronto-based artist who works in a variety of media to create public artworks. My interest in public space as a medium for personal expression came from my early experiences of moving through the city on a skateboard. Through skateboarding, I engaged with public infrastructure in non-traditional ways and began to explore the creative possibilities of the cityscape. I continue to do this through public artworks that are deeply rooted in their historical, environmental and community contexts. I have completed commissions for the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Luminato Festival and Redbull Canada. I have received grants from the Toronto, Ontario and Canada Arts Councils including a Chalmers Arts Fellowship. I have completed a major public art installation for Toronto’s Regent Park that is the focal point of the entrance to this new housing complex.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is core to my artistic practice.  This commitment, as well as the site-specific nature of my practice, necessitates that each project begins in a research and development phase. My approach to this process is idiosyncratic: formal and informal meetings, developing programming with community youth, interviews, photo shoots on-site or just spending a great deal of time working directly in the neighborhood are some of the methods I use to understand the needs and distinctive voice of a community. The choice is contingent on the place where I am working and on the kind of input that I think will best develop the project’s content and the community’s relationship to the final artwork.

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