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Painted City Artist Roster - Sisay Shimeles

Artist Statement

I found public art is a great opportunity to showcase my talent and experiences. I have studied the traditional African art and the fine arts’ techniques academically which I use in combination to find my style uniquely. I also have a 2nd degree in graphic design which enables me to integrate my works and ideas to the digital media platforms and use every possible technique to do art that speaks the time language. 

Art is a broader language that has no boundary to be understood worldwide. I am happy for speaking this special language to communicate with the people of the world freely. I am dedicated in working on projects in professionalism discipline and deliver the work requested in timely manner.

I would be very happy if I get any chance to play my part in making our city special, culturally vibrant and great place to live and work.

Artist Bio

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • East African Celebration
  • Expo 2000 Hannover Germany
  • Faith and Hope
  • Mother Africa
  • Utility Box Artworks
1997-2000 - Studied art at the Addis Ababa University, School of Fine arts and Design, Ethiopia
2004-2009 – Communication Design, at the George Simon Ohm University of Applied Science, Nuremberg, Germany
1987-2000 – Several group exhibitions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2000 – Officially selected to decor the Ethiopian pavilion and showcase my art works at the World EXPO 2000, Hannover, Germany
Since 2000 (Highlights):
African Mural Art for the social club Zirndorf, Germany
Several solo and group exhibitions in Germany and France
Award winner of DAAD (The German Academic Exchange Service) in year 2008
Several group exhibitions and community oriented projects, utility box artworks, art workshops for children and people with disabilities in Calgary, AB
East African Celebration 8’x12’ Mural Art with International Avenue BRZ, Calgary
Deputy-in-chief of Abronet/Ubuntu an African community bilingual magazine
Graphic designer and website developer
A finalist of the Calgary Immigrants Distinction Awards 2016 for Art and Culture

Community engagement

I would like to participate in any and all diverse community activities to practice and develop my commitment for great deeds. I full heartedly believe that we must find unity within our differences and stand together, despite all our individuality, to make a genuine, honest advancement in making our city Calgary culturally rich and vibrant. If we stand together for positive improvement in our common goals, there is no limit to the beneficial results we will see from our united efforts and hard work.

Through art, I would like to contribute my part in order to see progresses and cultural awareness in every Calgary community. Plus something to give back to my new home, the City of Calgary. This will be a great opportunity for me to apply the wide range of experiences I had gathered in community oriented public art endeavours in Calgary, as well as in Germany and France.
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