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Painted City Artist Roster

As the evolution of the popular Utility Box program and artist roster, we are pleased to present the first edition of the Painted City artist roster. The City received an overwhelming number of applications and interest from artists around the country. Congratulations goes out to 15 artists that were chosen and now make up the Painted City artist roster. They include 11 artists from Calgary, one from Lethbridge, one from Kelowna and two from Toronto. The artists on the roster represent a diverse range of artistic practice, cultures, backgrounds and experience.

Painted utility box by Michelle Hoogveld
Painted utility box by Michelle Hoogveld located in Sandstone
The Painted City artist roster includes:

Chris Perez
Dan Bergeron
Doug Driediger
Elbagir Osman
Jarett Sitter
Katie Green
Leslie Bell
Mary Haasdyk
Megan Morman
Michelena Bamford
Michelle Hoogveld
Sergey Ryutin
Shea Proulx
Sisay Shimeles

Artists were chosen by a standard City seven-member selection panel consisting of three community members, three local arts professionals and one City representative, with advisors to the panel who specialize in specific disciplines. Once selected, artists will remain on the roster for two years, and artists previously chosen may not apply for the subsequent roster. Artists on the roster will be eligible to be chosen to create artworks for the Utility Box Program, the Street Art Program for Youth and any other opportunities that may come up over the two-year period.

Communities or community members who would like to apply to have a utility box painted in their neighbourhood can fill out an application form. Projects not funded by City of Calgary programs must be funded partly by the applicants. Please see form for details.

Requests for all other artworks can be made by emailing

Painted City Initiative

'Flotsam' by Roman L'abbee at the Tuscany LRT Station
'Flotsam' by Roman L'abbee at the Tuscany LRT Station
Painted City is an umbrella initiative that covers any program or individual request where an artist applies two-dimensional artworks to the surfaces of City-owned assets. These assets include utility boxes, banners, murals, decals, mosaics, photography and other digital artworks. Private property owners can use the roster as a simple way to access artists as well. The initiative grew out of the highly-successful Utility Box Program’s 2015 artist roster, which greatly simplified the task of connecting artists to communities and City departments making the process quicker, and more economical and accessible. The roster allowed communities to pre-select an artist who suited their needs, and the group of artists chosen for the roster were given select access to work across Calgary. A number of artists also gained commissions to private work directly from their inclusion on the roster, resulting in increased opportunities these for local artists. 

A goal of the initiative is to work with community associations and other grassroots organizations to consider art as an important part of neighbourhood improvement and community development, where all public spaces are seen as potential places for creative expression. 

“We will take on the challenge to ‘paint the city’. Building on the popularity of the painted Utility Box program, we will develop other opportunities for site-appropriate street art.” –Public Art Master Plan