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Book a boat stall or rack

Step 1
Before booking a boat stall
Step 2
Book a boat stall​
Rental rates

Step 1 - Check for stall availability

  • Visit to check for boat stall availibility. Please Note: boat stalls cannot be booked online, contact facility bookings to book.
  • Choose the Boat Stalls option on the main page.
  • Choose ONE Date only for Start Date and Finish Date (ie Start Date = May 1 and End Date = May 1); this should be the date you wish to start using the stall.
  • There is only ONE hour you can search for; choose a Start Time of 9:00 a.m. and an End Time of 10:00 a.m.
  • There is no need to choose a Day of Week as you are only searching a single date.
  • Under Venue you can select a SINGLE venue based on your preference. If you have no preference for location you can skip this step.
  • Under Search Tags choose the Size and Type of Stall or rack you are looking for.  
    • For Stalls choose ONLY ONE Search Tag per search as choosing multiples will pull NO STALLS (ie Choosing 6 ft paved AND 6 ft Gravel will pull NO RESULTS as NO Stall is BOTH)
    • For a boat rack, choose the type of boat (Rack - canoe, dinghy, kayak, or laser) and by holding the control key down, you may also choose the height of the rack (Rack - lower, middle, and upper).
  • Refer to the maps on this page for stall or rack location.
  • Please be aware that stall availability changes quickly and what appears to be an open booking online may have requests pending.

Step 2 - Request available stall

  • Any new requests are accepted starting on March 28, 2019 when boat stall availability is released.
  • To book a boat stall contact Facility Bookings.
  • Please note full payment is due at time of booking

Step 3 - Your confirmation and payment

Renewal customers may pay online using Visa, MasterCard or American Express by logging into your account on

Payment options - You can pay for your boat stall by phone or in person. Click here for payment instructions.

Boat stall transfers

  • A boat stall permit is not transferable from a permit holder to another individual due to the processing of renewal permits.
  • All transfer requests are based on availability.

Step 1 - Check for stall availability

  • Follow the same process for booking a boat stall (above).

Step 2 - Request available stall

  • Transfer requests will be processed between March 11-16,  2019.
  • To transfer a boat stall contact Facility Bookings.
  • Full payment is due at time of booking.

Step 3 - Your confirmation and payment

  • Follow the same process for booking a boat stall (above). 

Cancellations or amendments

  • If a stall is cancelled part way through the season it will not be considered for renewal status.
  • A refund is given from the date cancelled to the end of the season on Oct. 31st.
  • All the dates previous to cancellation date are not available for refund.
  • A cancellation fee of $10.00 (plus GST) is charged for cancellations and amendments (including transfers once public day has passed.)
If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Facility Bookings.