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Redevelopment of Foothills Athletic Park

There is a concept plan in place to redevelop Foothills Athletic Park. The proposed redevelopment includes overall facility, site and infrastructure improvements to ensure this facility remains usable, safe and consistent with what sport and recreation groups have said they need in an athletic park.

Current project status

This project is currently waiting for funding through The City's budget prioritization process. Investments in City-operated recreation facilities are strategic and aim to balance existing infrastructure with growth and maintenance requirements within limited resources.

Foothills Fieldhouse

The City has unfunded plans for a multi-purpose fieldhouse to be built at Foothills Athletic Park, near McMahon Stadium. The development of this public facility requires an investment of $202 million, based on $94 million for the fieldhouse building (including a 400 metre indoor track and FIFA-sized field) and $108 million for associated support/sport spaces, site clearing, site redevelopment, parking and project soft costs (consulting). Please note: figures are based on 2012 estimates.

There has been extensive stakeholder consultation regarding the Foothills Fieldhouse as part of the concept planning process for Foothills Athletic Park. Through this process, The City and its consultants devised a concept plan for the Foothills Fieldhouse based on expressed user needs and preferences. Specifically, the plan reflects feedback from user groups about the features and facilities required to support the amateur sport community in Calgary.


Concept Plan for Foothills Athletic Park
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