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family biking

We want to turn the curve on sedentary behaviours and lifestyles in Calgary. #GetMovingYYC is an awareness-raising campaign aimed at getting more Calgarians, more active, and creative more often. Working with our sector partners and the community, #GetMovingYYC invites Calgarians to ‘join the movement’ by committing to move more every day. 

woman lifts weight

Reframe exercise from “work” to “fun”
When we enjoy something and it makes us feel good, we are much more motivated to do it. That’s because we see the activity itself as its own reward. Find physical activities you enjoy doing and it’ll be much easier for you to be naturally active throughout your day.

Community Walking Maps


These are 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 kilometer walking loops that start and end at City of Calgary facilities. They are available as a printed resource at all City pools and arenas and are downloadable at Explore the community using the maps as a guide or get moving while you wait for your favourite program to start. Waiting for a family member? Walk while you wait. Find a walking map of your favourite City of Calgary facility and learn about walking safety.