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Being prepared for an emergency situation leads to stronger, more resilient communities. As a community member, there are many things you can do to help your community be better prepared. Download our Community Preparedness booklet and learn some simple, easy ways to help your neighbours. In addition, CEMA offers a community-focused emergency management program called READYCalgary, designed to educate and inform Calgarians on the importance of emergency preparedness and develop forms of resilience to the negative impacts of future disasters.

Preparedness is a shared responsibility – everyone needs to do their part to ensure their and others’ safety. The safest and most resilient communities:

  • Know what risks exist in their communities;
  • Have residents who can help themselves and each other;
  • Are prepared to build back after a disaster to reduce the impact of future disasters
  • Know that safety and resiliency is a long-term strategy and a shared responsibility.

Be aware of hazards in your neighbourhood

Know the hazards you face in your area, as some areas may be more at risk than others for a particular hazard. These hazards could include proximity to transportation corridors (road and rail), industrial centres, oil or gas wells and pipelines.

Many of the hazards in Calgary are weather-related, including blizzards or severe winter storms, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, windstorms, or flooding. Other hazards include utility outages (electricity, gas, phone) or sour gas and chemical release incidents. Knowing the risks and what to do will help you be prepared to handle an emergency situation.

Be prepared personally

Know the risks Make a plan Get a kit Stay Informed

Know alternate evacuation routes to help prevent traffic backlogs at common exit locations.

Share information to help everyone in your neighbourhood be prepared for a disaster.

Be a good neighbour. If you are aware that a neighbour requires assistance, offer to make them a 72-hour kit. The Government of Canada offers an Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities or Special Needs that can help you get started.

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