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Staying safe in a crowd

Staying safe at mass gatherings

Large numbers of people gathered in one place can pose safety risks. That’s why special events such as parades, festivals or concerts can be dangerous. Knowing what to do and where to go beforehand can make it easier to deal with an emergency in a crowd.

Tips on how to stay safe in a crowd

  • Take only what you need. Leave any valuables that you do not need at home so that you don’t have to carry them with you. Or leave them in your vehicle.
  • Know where the exits are. Exits are well-signed. It’s important to know where the closest one is in case you have to evacuate.
  • Have a meeting point. Agree ahead of time where to meet if you get separated from your party.
  • Make sure your child knows where to go. Arrange a meeting point with your child and write your phone number on their arm if they are too young to memorize it. Tell children to look for an event organizer if they get lost. 
  • Listen to all announcements and instructions. Event organizers have an emergency plan in place prior to obtaining a permit for an event, and will initiate emergency plans if necessary.
  • Don’t panic. If you are directed to evacuate, do so in a calm manner.

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