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What to do during a gas outage

Although it’s rare, natural gas outages can happen. Interruptions to natural gas service can also come from a power outage. If your gas is out, call 403-245-7222 – this is ATCO’s emergency line. The following are some tips to keep you safe.

In cold weather

  • Stay warm. Close blinds and drapes, avoid opening doors and put on extra layers of clothing.
  • Be cautious when using other sources of heat. Indoor electric heaters are safe to use. Learn more about safe electrical and gas appliance use from the Calgary Fire Department.
  • Never use fuel-burning appliances inside. Appliances like generators, campstoves or kerosene heaters emit carbon monoxide - a clear, colorless, and odourless gas that can cause illness or death.

What should I do if I smell gas?

  1. Leave the building or area immediately.
  2. Call 9-1-1 away from the ruptured gas line. You could also call ATCO’s emergency line at 403-245-7222. Use a neighbour’s phone or a cell phone and wait for further instruction from emergency responders.

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