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What to do during a pandemic

A pandemic is an infectious disease that spreads throughout human populations over a large region. There have been many pandemics throughout history; the most recent pandemic was the H1N1 pandemic in 2009.

What should I do during a pandemic?

You can reduce your personal risk by washing your hands well and often, getting plenty of rest, eating well, and getting an annual flu shot.

In the event of a pandemic, you should be able to care for yourself and your family for three days. Preparing a 72-hour kit will help ensure that emergency services can focus on responding to those in immediate need. The kit will also allow you to stay in your home and minimize exposure.

What is The City doing?

CEMA and The City of Calgary have plans in place in the event of a pandemic. These plans include:

  • Identifying essential services required in the event that City employee absence (due to pandemic-related illness) affects daily operations.
  • Identifying and providing training for employees who will serve in back-up roles, if needed, to ensure The City maintains essential services.
  • Working with suppliers to ensure resources are available to support essential services.