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How can I help those affected by a disaster?

Oftentimes a disaster brings out the best in people – they want to help in any way they can. The following are tips to get you started if you want to help those affected by a disaster.


Consider making a monetary donation to organizations that help those in crisis by providing food, clothing and shelter. Some organizations that CEMA works closely with in Calgary to provide support are the Canadian Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Here are direct links to donate to the Canadian Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

You can donate particular items if aid agencies are appealing for them. Make sure you confirm what is needed before donating. Though well-intentioned, unsolicited donations of materials take up valuable time, manpower and storage for an aid agency.


Volunteer your time with organizations that support evacuees and those in crisis, such as the Salvation Army or Propellus (formerly Volunteer Calgary). Call 2-1-1 to find out more about donating or volunteering.