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Agency assistance and accessible housing

Some applicants may require assistance with the application process through an agency. Agency staff are encouraged to assist with the completion of the application form, advise applicants to consider a variety of location options, and continue their support once applicants have become residents of Calgary Housing Company.

In addition, applicants may consider providing a Release of Information Form with their application allowing Calgary Housing Company to speak with their agency or supports with regard to their application for affordable housing.

Agency staff may contact Calgary Housing Company at 587-390-1200 to learn more about the application process or to inquire about specific subsidized rental programs in order to assist their clients who may wish to apply for affordable housing.

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Accessible housing

When available, Calgary Housing Company provides accessible units for clients with specialized accessibility needs.

Applicants are able to indicate the need for accessible housing in the regular application process. Your application will be assessed by Calgary Housing Company according to priority, need and availability of housing appropriate to your needs.

Applicants with a physical mobility challenge can connect with Accessible Housing, an independent not-for-profit that assists physically disabled Calgarians with barrier-free housing.