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Eligibility criteria for Calgary Housing Company

Individuals or families with low or modest incomes may apply for subsidized rental housing with Calgary Housing Company. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older unless they have a co-signer for the lease. Eligibility is determined by:

  • Total household annual income
  • Assets
  • Residency status

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Total household annual income

Calgary Housing Company determines income eligibility by calculating the total gross (before tax) annual income of all family members 15 years of age and older. This total household annual income is then compared to the Core Need Income Threshold (CNIT). The CNIT determines the maximum annual income a household can earn and still be eligible for subsidized housing.

The current 2016 Core Need Income Threshold (CNIT) rates for the City of Calgary are:
1 Bedroom $46,000
2 Bedrooms $55,000
3 Bedrooms $61,000
4 Bedrooms $69,000
5 Bedrooms $71,500

Core Need Income Threshold (CNIT)* is based on the number of bedrooms a family needs to be adequately housed (not the number of occupants in the household).

For example, if your family consists of two parents with one child, your CNIT would be $55,000 because you would need two bedrooms to be adequately housed. If your total annual household income fell on or below this rate, you would be eligible to apply for subsidized housing.

(*Note: the CNIT is adjusted annually.)


To qualify for affordable housing, a household's total assets cannot exceed $7,000.

Assets include, but are not limited to:

  • bank accounts
  • investments (excluding RRSPs)
  • equity in property
  • equity in a mMotor vehicle (assessed by reviewing the value in the most current Canadian Red Book)

Residency status

To qualify for affordable housing, a household's primary applicant must be:

  • A Canadian citizen,
  • An individual who has been lawfully admitted into Canada for permanent residence and who does not have an active family sponsorship,
  • A refugee sponsored by the Government of Canada, or
  • An individual who has applied for refugee status and has received confirmation of acceptance of immigration status, and for whom private sponsorship has broken down. If the individual's sponsorship is broken down, documentation will be required as verification.

All other members of the household must be lawfully allowed to reside permanently in Canada.

Individuals or families who have arrived in Canada within the past 10 years are required to present their Record of Landing / Confirmation of Permanent Residence (the wallet sized Permanent Resident Card is acceptable).