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Conference workshops

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Keynote Address

Beyond The Obvious: Social, Economic and Health Benefits Of Investments In Affordable Housing​
This keynote presents the latest research findings on the shelter and non-shelter benefits of affordable housing to individuals, families and society as a whole. Research provides clear evidence that in addition to providing people with safe, well-maintained, high-quality housing, social housing also results in better nutrition, improved physical and mental health and enhanced access to services.
Robyn Newton​, Robyn Newton Research & Consulting

Day 1: ​​Monday, November 7
​Workshop M1 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED):
This workshop shows how to incorporate CPTED principles during
the design and development stages of affordable housing projects,
in order to maximize the potential for crime prevention. CPTED is a
multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behaviour.
​Workshop M2 ​Residential Tenancies Act (RTA): How To Avoid Common Mistakes:
Learn from experts about the common mistakes that housing operators
make regarding the RTA. Find out which clauses and provisions to look
out for and learn what strategies these experts use. This interactive
session is designed to allow plenty of time for audience questions.
*NOTE: Workshop Registration Full*
​Workshop M3 ​Finding Appropriate Supports For Tenants In Need:
This workshop focuses on issues that can arise when dealing with
tenants on a day-to-day basis. Learn helpful tips on arranging
support services for tenants who are experiencing difficulties or
requiring assistance. Take a closer look at how these services
are coordinated, who covers the cost, and how they can be
delivered more efficiently.
​Workshop M4 ​Rent Calculations 101:
Get a primer on rent calculations from experienced professionals and
learn how to ensure that rent revenues meet operating expenses
while balancing the needs of the tenant.
Workshop M5​ The Basics Of Operating Affordable Housing:
Learn about the essential building management and tenant
policies that need to be in place before you venture out and attract
your first tenants. New and small providers will benefit from the
opportunity to ask established housing providers specific questions
and to learn their best practices. 
​Workshop M6 ​Ensuring An Effective Emergency Response:
Be prepared to learn about emergency response policies and
procedures that need to be in place to ensure an appropriate
response and to protect the tenant, the building and your organization.
In addition, receive communications advice on key tenant messaging
while preserving the reputation of your organization and the operator. 
Day 2: Tuesday, November 8
​Workshop T1 Creating Positive Tenant Relations:
Learn the skills you need for handling difficult client relations. This
interactive session is about delivering positive communication messages
to the media and challenging tenants. Participants will enjoy working
through several scenario-based problems with the panellists, to
determine the best way to resolve these issues. 
​Workshop T2 WHMIS Training:
This session will provide instruction on the Workplace Hazardous
Materials Information System (WHMIS). Learn about requirements for
labels and data sheets, how products may affect health and safety,
and safe workplace procedures. 
​Workshop T3(a) Green Renovations: Worth The Cost?
Are you considering renovation work? Learn from housing providers
who have implemented recent “green” renovations and their resulting
efficiencies. You will also gain insight on current technologies and
understand how they can benefit your operations. 
​Workshop T3(b) Dealing With Asbestos: Best Practices:
Learn how to deal with asbestos in terms of both in-situ and removal,
and how to best accommodate remediation in an occupied building. 

**This session is intended for building operators, maintenance personnel, and senior executives.
Workshop T4 ​​Executive Round Table:
Meet four executives from different housing organizations who will
discuss current challenges they face in delivering affordable
housing. They will also identify some of the biggest issues and
opportunities that the affordable housing industry will face over the
next three to five years.

Rick Farrell, Manager, Affordable Housing and General Manager,
Calgary Housing Company 
Greg Bounds, Executive Director, Capital Region Housing Corporation
Bryan Lutes, President, Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corporation
Kim O'Brien, Executive Director, Horizon Housing Society

**This session is for all attendees.

​​​​​​​Conference attendees have a choice of participating in various concurrent workshops. Please see the Opening Doors 2011 program​ for more details. View a printer-friendly version of the Opening Doors 2011 workshops​ to bring with you to the conference.