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Rules and regulations

Calgary Housing Company tenants are expected to comply with certain rules and regulations as indicated in their Residential Tenancy Agreement. We encourage you to become familiar with these rules and regulations in order to maintain a successful residency with Calgary Housing Company.

Some of these rules and regulations include (but are not limited to):

  • Pets – Pets are allowed in some Calgary Housing Company properties. You must ask permission before making the decision to bring a pet into your home. Contact us at 403-221-9100 for more information.
  • Insurance – Tenants are responsible for insuring their personal property and for maintaining general liability insurance.
  • Quiet possession – Tenants are entitled to quiet possession of their premises; this means you should avoid causing unacceptable levels of noise that disturb the comfort of other tenants.
  • Sub-letting/unauthorized Occupants – Tenants are not allowed to sub-let their unit, nor are they allowed to let anyone who is not listed on their Residential Tenancy Agreement live in their unit. All residents must be approved by Calgary Housing Company.
  • Locks and keys – Tenants may not change or alter their locks, or copy their keys.
  • Satellite dishes – There are strict rules around the installation of satellite dishes. Satellite dishes cannot be attached/mounted on the roof, or attached to the sides of a building. They can only be mounted on a free-standing tri-pod. Please contact your Property Manager prior to installation of any satellite dishes.
  • Conducting business from the premises – You may not carry on a trade or conduct business from your unit without written consent from your Property Manager.
  • Barbeques and fire pits – tenants must comply with City of Calgary bylaws. Charcoal BBQs are not permitted on balconies.
  • Abandoned vehicles - tenants must comply with City of Calgary bylaws.
  • Swimming pools – tenants must comply with City of Calgary bylaws​.
  • Garbage – tenants must comply with City of Calgary bylaws.