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  • February 2013 W6 Report

    Thank you for a remarkable 2012, which involved solving congestion and safety problems with improvements to Highway 8, enhancing safety with major progress on street light maintenance and the launch of the West LRT. This year your Ward 6 team is look...

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  • Traffic congestion

    We are all increasingly frustrated by the traffic on our roads. Traffic congestion is about more than inconvenience. It affects our health, our quality of life and our productivity. With Calgary’s population projected to grow by approximately 5.7 per...

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  • Making the most of our infrastructure

    As our city continues to grow, it is important that we keep building our infrastructure to meet increasing demands. This means making major investments in transit infrastructure and roads, but it also requires us to make the most of our infrastructur...

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  • 2013 Bicycle Program

    Diversifying the transportation options available to Calgarians is an important part of the Calgary Transportation Plan. Cycling is one alternative that many Calgarians already choose; however, without proper infrastructure it is difficult to make bi...

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  • Changes to eligibility requirements for the low income transit pass

    On November 28, Council voted to approve a Motion expanding eligibility for the low income transit pass. By adjusting the requirements, approximately 22,500 more adults are now eligible for the low income transit pass, and approximately 2,000-3,000 m...

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  • West LRT opening day

    The West LRT project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Calgary’s history and our largest capital investment ever. It was an important milestone in our transit history when Opening Day arrived after years of planning, construction and p...

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  • Ongoing review of West LRT feeder bus network

    Your Ward 6 team, along with senior planning staff at Calgary Transit, are committed to an ongoing review of the feeder bus network in the West LRT service area. Some minor adjustments have already been made in response to feedback and data obtained ...

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  • Transit delay notifications

    One of the conveniences of using the new LRT line is reliability – the LRT is not impeded by traffic congestion, accidents or poor road conditions the way cars and buses are. Although reliability overall is a benefit of the LRT, sometimes incidents d...

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  • Streetlights

    Over the past year, we have succeeded in addressing the backlog of streetlight service requests identified in 2011. In October 2011, I presented a Notice of Motion, which resulted in the creation of two night crews and adjustments to the way service ...

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  • Snow and ice on sidewalks

    Snow and ice on sidewalks present a safety hazard to pedestrians. At particular risk of injury are senior citizens and persons with reduced mobility. The most important action that we can take to prevent these injuries is to keep our sidewalks clear....

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