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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Entwined in contrast

    There is a French word that is the most apt to describe how I am feeling right now: "effoirer". It sort of means flattened, squished, reduced to a pile of mush. Today was the day that I knew would be the hardest, and it lived up to my expec...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Disappointment infused with hope

    Today was a disappointing day. It started well with a breakfast meeting at the Hotel Karibe, with the Canadian Ambassador and people from MAECD (Department of Foreign Affairs). Allow me a little side bar here. The Hotel Karibe is beautiful! Unlike th...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Rain, nature’s sanitation system

    It is raining tonight. No, let me be specific, it is a full on tropical downpour and it has been going for a couple of hours. The thunderstorms here can be quite glorious, they last a long time and rattle around in the hills, and unlike Calgary, they...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - A perennial garden

    I landed in Port-Au-Prince at 3:15, at my hotel and in planning meetings by 5:30. Thinking back on my arrival here six months ago, I was considerably more prepared this time. While the noise, heat and humidity is overwhelming at the airport (your fir...

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  • Brian's Beat: Return to Haiti

    I start my return journey to Haiti today, a trip that will span two days to get there. This time I am leaving from Winnipeg, after having spent the weekend here for the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It was a great and inspiring wee...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Perspective Sets In

    Left Haiti this afternoon. In Miami tonight for a layover before the flight home to Calgary tomorrow. A colleague in Haiti working on the same project (he is helping them set up garbage collection and waste management) told me as I left that it’s on ...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Chaos Tipping Towards Anarchy

    Today was my last full day in Haiti. My flight out is tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 to get back to Calgary for 2 p.m. on Sunday. And by the way, I checked the Calgary weather forecast…. I am not impressed!As far as meetings go, I am definitely going out...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Final Days, Why We're Here

    The end of the trip is in sight! Only a couple more days before I head back home to Calgary, and winter. I think the weather gods are doing their best to ensure that I have the biggest temperature shock possible, as the last two days it has been abou...

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  • Brian's Beat: Haiti - Here's Where We Make the Difference

    Today was the day that I had been waiting for, I finally got the chance to head out into the Region Des Palmes.While most of my work to date has been in Port-Au-Prince meeting with national government types, a significant part of the work that the PC...

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  • Haiti - The Port au Prince Starfield

    Another long day of meetings and running around Port-Au-Prince, and honestly, it is exhausting. This evening, my last meeting ended at 8:00 PM, and we were quite a distance from the hotel. The ride back was through many sections of the city that do n...

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