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  • June 2015 Newsletter

    Hi Ward 14! Events!  There are all sorts of events going on this summer. You will find a lot of them—like community cleanups and pre-stampede gatherings—in the pages of this publication, and enduring the cold winter makes these events that much more...

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  • May 2015 Newsletter

    It always makes me happy to receive comments about what I write in this column: positive or negative. What I try to do is inform you of what The City is doing, and where I stand. Any feedback that I fuel is icing on the cake. It is the kind of partic...

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  • Be a Snow Angel - adopt a sidewalk!

    Based on the amount of snow that we’ve received recently, you might not have thought much about shovelling this year.  But for people like Andrea Foster—a single older lady with a long driveway—it’s a bigger deal than you might think. Stay Connected...

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  • April 2015 Newsletter

    Hello Ward 14! April is a transition month here in Calgary.  Technically it is spring, but anyone who has been here for more than a year knows that it is spring in name only.  We will likely be living with snow on the ground for a little while longe...

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  • Notice of Motion: Employment Positions

    First brought to Council:  March 9, 2015Outcome: Carried The price of oil is still low.  In an ideal world that wouldn’t have such a negative impact on our economy, but right now it does.  Jobs in the private sector continue to be under the microsco...

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  • Route 444 - Chaparral Valley & Walden

    I am very excited to announce that, starting on March 9, peak hour transit service will be available to Chaparral Valley and Walden for the first time. Route 444 will connect the communities of Chaparral, Chaparral Valley, Walden, and Somerset to sho...

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  • March 2015 Newsletter

    Hello Ward 14!  We’re nearing the end of winter, and there are already two Aldertalk sessions behind us.  If you want to talk about one (or more) municipal subjects, join me at the Mid-Sun Community Centre on March 14th, from noon to 2 p.m.  If you c...

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  • 162 Avenue & Macleod Trail Interchange

    I am very excited to see the 162 Avenue and Macleod Trail Interchange project take off this year. It is desperately needed at one of the south’s busiest intersections, and it is great to see all the hard work finally nearing something tangible. Stay...

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  • Notice of Motion: Public Art Funding

    First brought to Council:  February 23, 2015Outcome: Lost at vote to reconsider The price of oil is low.  The Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta are making plans for decreased revenue from the all important oil industry.  The Oil Indus...

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  • February 2015 Newsletter

    Hi Ward 14!  February is a difficult month to write for.  Things change quickly in the months leading up to February.  The City’s budget is decided in November, Christmas is in December, and of course the New Year follows.  Throw a ‘curve ball’ into ...

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